Delta by Niels Bendtsen for Bensen

The comfort of the sofa is created through multi-layer seat cushions on a webbed frame. Large back cushions leave space to play with creative toss cushion styles. The built-in steel frame allows corner or inset foot placement.

Piet Boon Outdoor Series

Solid and durable for stylish dining, the sleek detailing of the ANNE table makes it a timeless addition to any outdoor living space. With its solid Iroko frame and deep, water-repellent cushions, the soft yet sturdy NIEK brings a relaxed elegance to outdoor living. In combination with the ANNE outdoor dining table, the fauteuil transforms into a laid-back dining solution.

Tobi-Ishi by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby for B&B Italia

Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby first project for B&B Italia was Tobi-Ishi, a round dining table clearly inspired by Zen. The design duo are great enthusiasts of Japanese art and culture and the name and concept for this table came from the smooth stones (tobi-ishi) used as ornaments in traditional Japanese Zen gardens. The overhang of the table and the vertical trapezoidal bases set at right angles generate an essential sculptural figure that appears to change shape depending on the point of observation. The search for equilibrium between shapes and materials is expressed in the Tobi-Ishi table through the many materials: cement grout, lacquered finish, marble, and oak for the low table.

Synapse from Apparatus

Inspired by the mechanics of neural synapses, this pendant is composed of two hand-moulded glass domes that require a 4-part firing process. A brass orb floats in transit between the two hemispheres.

CH23 by Hans Wegner for Carl Hansen

The CH23 dining chair is an early example of Hans Wegners unique style and insightful craftsmanship, and contains many well-known Wegner details - for example, the elegantly shaped cruciform caps on the backrest and the special double-woven seat.