Ingo Maurer

Germany 1932

A native of Lake Constance, Germany, Ingo Maurer originally trained as a graphic designer, and worked in New York and San Francisco through the early 1960's, before returning to Munich and starting his second career at "Design M." His first lamp, "Bulb" was an immediate critical success, and is still a part of the current Ingo Maurer line as well as being included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art.

Long considered a pioneer in the field of design, his embrace of technology, as well as history, has pushed boundaries beyond the field of lighting. Maurer is continually inspired by the simple beauty and elegance of the common light bulb, and a symbol of this is evident in many of his works. Noteworthy pieces in his career include Bulb, Savoie, YaYaHo, Lucellino, and Zettel'z.