Omer Arbel

Canada 1976

In 2000, Arbel graduated with numerous honours from the University of Waterloo School of Architecture and subsequently apprenticed with several notable architects including Enric Miralles, John and Patricia Patkau, and Peter Busby. Arbel began working as a freelance designer in 2003, focusing on conceptually motivated and materially explorative furniture and objects.

Work produced during this period (most notibly the 2.4 cast resin chair) facilitated opportunities that led to opening two companies in 2005. .

OAO - Omer Arbel Office - is a small, experimental, Vancouver-based design practice that blurs the boundaries between the traditionally defined fields of architecture, industrial design, and materials research ( Rather than an epistemology of pure deduction, the OAO is known for its commitment to the creative potential of intuition.

Bocci is the now well known mavrick design and manufacturing house (, for which Omer Arbel acts in the role of creative director. In a world beset by irresponsible consumption, Bocci is a manufacturing company focused on making objects which have meaning, value and worth.

Both companies have achieved instant critical and commercial success at the highest levels of the design and architectural landscape