Our Showrooms

50 Water

50 Water

Our two large showrooms in Gastown, Vancouver house hundreds of classic and contemporary design furniture pieces including the Italian kitchens by Boffi and Varenna, closets by Poliform and Rimadesio, extensive lighting displays, home accessories and an architecture and design bookstore. We also have a collection of rare “museum” pieces on view.

97 Water

97 Water

50 Water

405 Railway

The new Inform to the Trade showroom showcases a wide range of commercial pieces with designers, architects and large scale projects in mind.

Inform Staff

Sales, Design & Project Management


Nancy Bendtsen has always loved design items, her mother introduced her to a Wassily chair by Marcel Breuer when she was very young. Educated in architecture in both Paris Ecole des Beaux Arts and University of Toronto. Soft spots for design both what is new and fresh or older Danish pieces.


Rupert has had a long love affair with interior design. Working with Vancouver's leading designers, Rupert's approach is pragmatic and always high-energy. Occasionally, you can catch Rupert as Fanny Kiefer's design consultant on Studio 4.


Georg brings with him minimalistic and detail orientated sensibilities. He has worked in architecture and interior and industrial design for many years. His love of all things design is apparent in all of his work. Georg is our resident wardrobe installation expert with extensive knowledge of Poliform and Rimadesio.


Ed manages our B&B Italia showroom. His extensive understanding of fine Italian textiles can be seen throughout our 97 Water St. showroom.


Paul has worked in the furniture industry for many years and now heads off our Contracts division specializing in commercial projects throughout Canada.


While studying Interior Design, Kaito began his lifelong obsession with furniture design. Kaito manages the showroom floor, ensuring that displays and overall presentation is up to snuff.


Sherry has a strong educational background holding a Honours BA in Art History, a Major in Japanese Art History, Minor in Architecture, and a Diploma in Graphic Design. She also knows pretty much all there is to know about home accessories.


A background in art and design led Thea to Inform. Educated with a bachelors in Art History and a masters in Industrial Design, Thea had her own furniture company that produced solid wood furniture and objects prior to joining the team.


Partly due to having designer parents, Noah has had a passion for design, furniture and lighting since childhood. He loves Inform as it is an inspirational and creative place to work. From the subtle details in a Fukusawa piece to the innovative ideas in Ingo Maurer's world, great design surrounds you everyday at Inform.

Michael H

Michael Hanos has been at Inform for 5 years, coming from a strong retail background Paul Smith, Holts and Hermes. The transition from fashion to furniture felt natural to him as he has always loved design that is well made and properly displayed in the right environment.

Michael Y

Michael oversees Inform's online presences. He has been practicing graphic design professionally since his mid-teens and finds creative outlet in his endless pursuit of studying photography and fine arts.


To say that Lizzy has an eccentric style would be an understatement. She brings her passion for design to every project that she's involved in.


Kyle does not have a single favourite designer but adores Wegner. He has a good eye for aesthetics and is always fully engaged in his projects.


Barbara studied and practiced architecture in Italy then London, UK. Inspired by the diversity of cultures and arts she gained a diploma in Holistic Interior Design while working as Interior Architect. For 3 years she has been a kitchen designer at Inform.


Daniel has a B.A. in psychology, and later shifted his focus to interior design. It was during his latter studies in interior design that his appreciation of industrial design grew. His design aesthetic is inspired by the sculpture of Poul Kjaerholm's work. He believes spaces should be furnished with integrity and that furniture should be sustainable.


If you have any questions in regards to lighting technologies and design, Robyn can help. Working closely with Paul in the Contract division, Robyn oversees all aspects of implementing commercial lighting applications.


Meriah was brought up surrounded by great design. The importance of aesthetics rubbed off on her, and she made it a focus of her education and career. She studied fine art and art history in Montreal before working in the fashion industry in New York City. She believes we are all too poor to buy cheap.


Retailer at heart, Thomas has over twenty years of experience with iconic brands and great design. Thomas prides himself on a timed, planned approach to design, "it's not always about having it all at once, curate your daily living to the pieces that make you happy". Thomas' top priority is assessing and understanding the needs of every one of his clients.


Arne started designing with Lego as a child, and applies the same sense of fun to designing kitchens today. With almost 20 years of kitchen and bathroom design experience Arne draws upon his love of food, cooking and entertaining to add another level of understanding to his designs. He achieved his Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD) accreditation in 2001, and admires the work of Johnny Grey.

Logistics & Installation


Craig keeps our Gastown showrooms working properly whether he's installing new fixtures or maintaining the busy stockroom. His positive attitude keeps everyone in good spirits.


Dustin is a big fan of music and the outdoors. He can be elusive when the camera is out, hence the picture above that we stole from his facebook page.


Jon could possibly be the happiest person on earth. He is always wearing a smile and is an incredible team player. As nice as he is, you probably shouldn't cross him as he has extensive training in Muay Thai boxing


Rob brings a no nonsense attitude and "tells it how it is". He is proficient in the showroom and on delivery with a well rounded attitude.


Tim, along with Jim, manages many aspects behind the scenes ensuring that every order is seen through with the greatest possible effort. The warehouse can be a very busy place but Tim manages to keep things moving with a smile on his face.


Without Jim, receiving orders would be near impossible. Even when massive shipments land for him to inspect and store properly, he is able to keep on top of every aspect within wheelhouse.


Todd wears many, many hats. Besides being a top notch delivery man, you'll find him behind the bar at our events.

Administration & Support


Ric is a big part of Inform's accounting team. He excelled in math but also has a love for the arts. He seriously considered becoming an architect because it’s combination of both arts and math but end up pursuing accounting. He's a big fan of Lord Norman Foster for his sleek, modern buildings made of steel and glass.


Heather started at Inform in 1999. Her sense of numbers continue to grow exponentially alongside Inform. Educated in China with a Bachelor degree in English, Heather felt the need to have a different career 20 years ago. She earned her Masters of Accounting in the US, and her CGA designation in Canada.


11 years ago, Phyllis joined the Inform team, bringing with her 17 years expertise in shipping and logistics.


Luna has been with Inform for over a decade. She deals with the day to day finances, reconciliation and has great attention for details.


Erica is a true Vancouverite with a passion for hiking and roadtrips. When she was a child, she fell in love with Hans Wegner's Wishbone chair.


Elaine is a self proclaimed foodie and wine connoisseur. She has developed a competitive streak on the water as a key member of a Dragonboat racing team.


Sarina has held a couple of positions at Inform, starting as sales support in the retail showrooms and now working with Paul and Robyn in the Contract showroom. Her dedication and great work ethic makes her a very important part of the organization.


Coral has a strong educational background holding a BA and MA in Economics, and is a Certified General Account. Coral is entering her fourth year at Inform.


Lan has been with Inform for 6 years. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and interior decorating.


Cindy holds a Bachelors degree in Hospitality Management and Business Administration. She is very passionate about the Arts and loves to travel.