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At Inform Interiors we continuously seek out and implement new ways to protect our beloved environment and to reduce our carbon footprint. Here, we outline our efforts and those of some of the brands that we carry.

50 Water

50 Water

When developing the plans for our newer retail showroom, constructed in 2006, we approached the project with mindful consideration of the effects that the building would have on the environment and to those using the space. One of the results of this is a building with a vertical geo-exchange system to manage the heating and cooling of the interior spaces. This combined with radiant heating/cooling system and exhaust air heat recovery system helps minimize the building’s energy consumption significantly. Additionally, displacement ventilation and a heavy mass concrete structure work together to improve indoor environmental quality by providing stable indoor temperatures and improving the performance of the radiant heating/cooling system.

We are switching over all of our showroom lighting to LED, greatly reducing energy consumption.


Reforestation Program

During August of 2019, we ran a tree reforestation program with great success. The program was so well received that we have enacted this practice as a permanent policy. Now for every wood product sold, be it a small cutting board or a large dining table, a tree is planted in Northern BC in the buyer's name.

Shopping Bags

Nowadays we all make an effort to either bring along bags when shopping or to forgo them altogether, but sometimes we find ourselves in need of one nonetheless, therefore we have chosen to have ours made of a 100% compostable material that is highly durable making it great for reuse.

Staff Lifestyle

Internally, we have individually pledged to make long term commitments that contribute to the wellness of our planet. These include biking to work more frequently, using reusable to-go mugs for beverages, and supporting ethically-minded brands and local companies.

Supporting Sustainable Brands

Furniture manufacturing can be detrimental to the environment but it doesn’t have to be. Many of our brands go the extra mile to support renewable fabrication practices. Here are a few examples:

Emeco has been innovating and using recycled materials since 1944 when they were first founded. They use reclaimed wood, harvested by the Amish from old barns in Pennsylvania, up-cycled Coca-Cola PET bottles, and swept up remnants from the factory floors to produce beautiful and innovative products.

Since the end of 2014 Cassina has made a conscientious decision to only employ a trivalent chromium plating process for the frames of the LC Collection. Trivalent chromium is a safe and considerably less toxic alternative to hexavalent chromium thanks to lower chromium concentration levels, fewer air emissions and consequently less toxic waste.

Kettal, loyal to its philosophy of respect for the environment, uses eco-friendly paint that is 100% ecological and recyclable. Additionally, the wood used in its furnishings is protected under Perhutani certification.

Andreu World uses only sustainable wood, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®). The WWF España acknowledges forest certification systems as the best manner to guarantee legal and sustainable sourcing of forest products. The FSC balances economic, social and environmental interests, transparency to stakeholders and focuses on repairing the social and environmental impacts of destructive forestry practices.

Danes are world leaders in sustainability, in working with environmentally friendly products, and also windmills. They are the biggest windmill producer in the world. Carl Hansen & Son don’t make anything made out of plastic or other artificial products and have never done so — using only nature’s own product. All of their waste goes into big burners and from April until September, every single house in their little city is heated up entirely by the waste of Carl Hansen & Son. Residents save about $500 a year from using their wood waste instead of gas for heating. It shows you every single little grass inch of bush that comes into the business is being used for something. they don’t waste anything.


We are always seeking new ways of making our business more environmentally friendly. Please send us an email if you have an idea that can help us achieve this goal.